4 Things I Learned From Starring In A Lupe Fiasco Video That Was Never Released


Back in 2006, I starred in a Lupe Fiasco music video that never was released! Here’s 4 things I learned….

Over 10 years ago, I played the lead in the video The Instrumental off Lupe’s first album “FOOD AND LIQUOR”. This song is more relevant today than ever and if you have time I would recommend a listen. But let me take you back to 2006, the Chicago scene was on FIRE very similar to today’s Hip Hop scene. Kanye had put the city on the map and it seemed like everyone was blowing up, getting signed or finding a way out. Lupe was just getting his moment with his debut album and at the time I was a very green, hardworking, Read More

5 Social Media Tactics That “Should”​ Be Foundational In Your Marketing Plan


“Make this brochure go viral”

I work with many brands and small businesses including fortune 1000 companies and it amazes me how many of them still don’t have the basics right when it comes to their understanding and prioritization of social media. They treat social different than all forms of marketing and many of them still value traditional platforms over social even when it’s counter productive to their business objectives and budgets. One of my favorite quotes Read More

15 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Is Failing In 2015

15 best social media strategies with influencer strategy do it right

It’s 2015 and social media marketing is nearly 11 years old. That means it’s nearly a teenager. You would think by now most companies would have the basics mastered. Unfortunately, I still see so many brands, business and professionals making the same mistakes.

Below is my list of the 15 reason your social media strategy is failing in 2015 Read More

Don’t miss the social media land grab!

social media land grab

When I’m consulting or giving advice to companies I often get confronted with this statement “Kip there’s a lot of risk for us to jump into vine or snapchat right now.” (You can insert whatever new platform is emerging or becoming relevant in that statement.) The next sentence out of my mouth is “there’s so much more risk for you not to!”  Read More

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