Don’t miss the social media land grab!

social media land grab

When I’m consulting or giving advice to companies I often get confronted with this statement “Kip there’s a lot of risk for us to jump into vine or snapchat right now.” (You can insert whatever new platform is emerging or becoming relevant in that statement.) The next sentence out of my mouth is “there’s so much more risk for you not to!” 

Don’t miss the LAND GRAB. Your company should understand that when a new platform emerges there’s always a land grab for followers and impressions as people are figuring out the best way to create content. This creates a small window for people to become a big fish in small pond and grab a large fan base on the cheap before the platform becomes extremely large and it becomes harder to break through the noise. You’ve seen this before with Myspace, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Most recently you can see it on VINE with the rise of stars such as Jerrome Jarre, Cameron Dallas, Lele Pons etc. 12 months ago they were average kids in their bedrooms. Now because of the content they created on an emerging platform they have become genuine celebrities with their own businesses, large fan followings, crossing over to other mediums and making a lot of money. While people or brands are sitting around trying to figure out the numbers or RIO, the action is happening and the first ones to play and figure it out will win the audience on that emerging platform.

When it comes to social media if you’re late to the game you cannot buy your way ahead of your competition. You will have to grind your way with amazing strategy, consistency and spend more money playing catch up.

You either play offense or defense. I can tell you from experience that playing defense will usually be more expensive in the long run.

So my advice is play offense and don’t be afraid to learn by trial and error to become one of the thought leaders on a new platform instead of months or years later paying a thought leader to market your brand.

If you’re one of those people who say “well this doesn’t matter to me my customers are not on these platforms” What I say to you is don’t be naive because they will be and they will be there faster than ever! Ask Blockbuster, Blackberry, KMart, your local newspaper and so many more that have been wiped out by the Internet. These culture shifts are happening at a blistering pace and the best advice I can give to you is play offense!!!!

Let me know if you agree in the comments below.

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