15 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy Is Failing In 2015

15 best social media strategies with influencer strategy do it right

It’s 2015 and social media marketing is nearly 11 years old. That means it’s nearly a teenager. You would think by now most companies would have the basics mastered. Unfortunately, I still see so many brands, business and professionals making the same mistakes.

Below is my list of the 15 reason your social media strategy is failing in 2015

Please excuse any harsh language or grammatical errors. I like to type it the way I would say it to you personally. Raw and unfiltered. Thanks.

1. You’re putting to much text in your instagram & twitter images.

  • Unless you want to share a powerful quote using text is probably not a good idea in your photos. It makes them look like ads and anything that looks like an ad in social media won’t give you the ROI you’re looking for. Let me put it this way, it’s shitty strategy. Your social media content shouldn’t remind people of crappy newspaper and magazine ads from the 1990’s.

2. You have no influencer strategy.

  • Having a well thought out influencer strategy is the game changer most brands are missing in 2015. My company has achieved 35% growth each month based on our new influencer strategy. Don’t miss the window because in a few years this will be a very big portion of your marketing budget and you will get less ROI because of natural saturation as other brands enter this space. Besides facebook dark posts and pinterest ads this is your best ROI for your company right now.

3. You still think content is king and you don’t understand how to create context.

  • With everyone entering the content game the next level of this strategy is developing the context for people to give a crap about your content. Figure this out and with a proper distribution strategy you can double or triple your web traffic.

4. You don’t respect the psychology of the social network. You don’t understand the psychology of your demo on each social network.

  • Each social media platform has it’s own voice. You must learn how to speak properly to your audience on each platform and then you must learn how your demographic uses each platform. Each age group uses each platform differently than the other.

5. You’re still auto posting your instagram to twitter.

  • Please stop! This is not 2009. Take the extra few minutes to properly post on each platform.

6. You’re still forwarding you facebook to twitter.

  • See above!

7. You’re using 1,000 hashtags on instagram.

  • Everything’s better in moderation. Same with the hashtag. Plus it looks desperate and spammy.

8. You’re over thinking your hashtags.

  • No one cares about your hashtag. Stop putting hours of debate into what hashtag your going to use for each marketing campaign. Instead see what hashtags are trending and use those to springboard your realtime marketing.

9. You’re to worried about being to perfect.

  • It’s okay to to make a mistake on social. Obviously to many can be a problem but the reality is the quality of content trumps everything on social. Including production value and grammar. It’s better to build momentum and content than wait forever trying to compete with people who have already built it. GO FOR IT!

10. Every post is about your brand. OR yourself. (To much push marketing).

  • No one gives a shit about your brand that much. Find out how to ad value to your consumers stream and you will the game.

11. You don’t care about your audience and your not adding value to their stream.

  • Take the time to figure out what your customers care about. Don’t just shove coupons and crap about your brand with every post. Learn how to use other creative content to hold customers attention and then sprinkle your content marketing material between valuable content.

12. All your content is scheduled and you don’t market in the moment.

  • Your content schedule is not that important. This isn’t the day in age when you have to submit your ad to a magazine months in advance so they can meet their production deadlines. Have a general outline and be prepared and leave enough to fill in the gaps.

13. You have a different social media handle for every department of your brand. For every country. For every product!

  • WASTE OF TIME! Focus your customers attention! Most people if they want to complain, compliment or find a job will find your main account and comment there. Make it easy for them and you.

14. You’re not mastering the power of facebook dark posts or pinterest ads.

  • If you figure out these to powerful ad platforms you may never use google ads again. Especially for ecommerce and fashion brands.

15. You’re not experimenting on emerging platforms.

  • If you’re not first you’re last. It’s less expensive to be a first mover on a new hot social network. You can win the land grab cheaply and figure out the voice of the medium ahead of your competition. Read my last article on this here.

Bonus: Your not searching everything related to your brand on twitter (www.twitter.com/search)

If you want to know more about these points or think I missed something comment below. Please share with anyone you think will find this information valuable.

Thanks for reading.


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